Directors are not paid for the time they serve on the Executive Committee and the sub-committees(s) they are appointed to by the Club President.  Each member of the Executive Committee receives twelve 18-hole green fee passes annually for their use.  Occasionally the Club will buy the Directors a meal if the timing of a meeting warrants it.  The only member of the Executive Committee compensated is the Club President by way of the President’s Honorarium which covers the serving President’s annual dues.  It is included in the annual budget approved by the PMC members and does not include the food & beverage assessment.  And of course, the Club President has a named parking spot by the curling rink! The curling President also receives an honorarium for their curling dues.

The Club is not at all secretive.  In fact, Article 10 of the Club Bylaws allows a Club PMC holder access to the Club’s books and records at any time with written 24 hour notice.  No, you can’t just drop into the office and ask to see the books.  The written request allows for a convenient time to be booked at the Club with the PMC holder and a member of the Executive Committee and / or the Director of Golf / General Manager to review the books and answer any questions the PMC holder may have.  Additionally, all PMC holders are provided complete Club financial statements and budgets prior to the Annual Budget Meeting held in October and the Annual General Meeting held in February.

Many years ago the Club Executive Committee determined it important to keep control of the Club in the hands of members who have a solid commitment to the Town of Canmore and community. Hence a potential PMC holder must not only reside in Canmore, but must do so on a full time basis. A non-resident member who transitions to full time residency in Canmore may apply to the Executive Committee for approval to purchase a PMC. When a PMC holder makes a change to their address outside of the community, they are refunded their PMC.

You can book a tee time for yourself and any visitors at anytime after March 1, for any date by using the Advance Booking Package (AB) booking option, please contact the Pro Shop at 1-888-678-4785 to inquire. The Club sets aside 90 minutes a day thru the golf season for the AB.  Once the AB booking engine opens in March, tee times are subject to availability.  You as a member would pay the AB fees not only for your visiting friends, but if you want to join them to play, you are required to pay a reduced AB fee as well.

If this occurs prior to August 1, you can apply for an in-season medical transfer.  Club Policy C-3 outlines the terms of an in-season medical transfer which will provide for a pro-rated refund of a portion of your annual dues.  The office administration staff will be able to provide you with all necessary details.

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